Is binning polystyrene really the end?

No, binning polystyrene is not the end.  In fact, recycling it instead is the start of a range of other valuable products, used by yourself in every day life.  Therefore, addressing the challenges within the industry is far more important than simply trying to ban it.  Banning any substrate will partially address short term complications but attending to the challenge will create long term sustainable benefit for all, including the environment.

The perceived polystyrene challenges creates excellent opportunities.  The local shortage of recycled raw material supply indicates the great need that exists in secondary markets and for this reason, we encourage polystyrene recycling and drive awareness and education strategies to break legacy and misinformation issues.

We also drive ‘design for recyclability’ principles amongst brand owners to optimize the recycling rates and happily welcome and engage in extended responsibility schemes to contribute to the solution at large.  

But what can we do with recycled polystyrene?  Polystyrene is typically recycled into products such as décor items, seedling trays, stationary, hangers, outdoor furniture, decking and even portable lap desks but the biggest demand lies within the building industry in creating lightweight concrete blocks.  With a range of benefits, the demand for these blocks are growing and the residential, commercial and education markets are all benefitting from it. 

Is binning polystyrene really the end?

This means that you have a responsibility to contribute to recycling.  Separating and washing your polystyrene items at home and at your workplace is of importance.  You can simply place it in a bag with your other recyclables.  Repurposing it, where feasible, also contributes to the solution.  By understanding what can and cannot be recycled, consumers can make purchase decisions that supports recycling.  Be sure to seek education from credible resources rather than responding to social media scares.  A wealth of information is availalbe from The Polystyrene Association of South Africa, the producer responsibility organisation that focusesses specifically on polystyrene.

Understanding the truth about polystyrene may assist, not only in education, but also changing the perception at large, helping the general public to understand its ‘end of life’ value and eventually become a contributor to the solution.  We look forward to having you on board!

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