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Apple Trays

With its new formulation for a finer and softer cell structure, our apple tray is ranked amongst the top in the market. With a guaranteed thickness of 2 -2.6mm and strengthening ribs, the chamois-like feel also has a moist locator incorporated.


Apple trays [photos]


So what's new?

  • New formulation for a finer, softer cell structure
  • Soft, chamois-like feel
  • Moist locator
  • Strengthening ribbing
  • Guaranteed thickness 2-2.6mm
Apple Trays [photos]

New formulation foam

You can see it - You can feel it

The fruit friendly and chamois-soft texture of the tray holds the fruit gently without bruising or scuffing. Flexible and strong; made from 100% recycled material.

Ask about our trays for easy-peelers, pears, oranges, tomatoes.

Apple Trays [photos]

Food containers with full international food-grade

  • BRC Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials
  • EU directive 10/2011 or FDA standards; certified for directfood applications
  • Migration limits EU directive 10/2011
  • Regulation (EC) no 2023/2008 good manufacturing practices; food materials
  • Endorsed by the Southern African Vinyls Association