The cost is in line with your current tray-and-pad costs.

PETzorb tray [photos]

Absorbs triple the liquid

PET Ultrazorb tray stays clean and absorbs liquids. Drainage points wick away fluid even when the tray is displayed at an angle. Better strength, better drainage, better display. No pad needed – easier to pack and easier stock control.

PET Ulbrazorb banner [photos]

The end of the bloody pad as we know it


Ulbrazorb with meat [photos]
Ulbrazorb with meat [photos]

How does it work?

  • The mould cavity design allows for liquids to be trapped through surface tension
  • The floor design traps the liquid
  • The tray stays clean and absorbs liquids
  • Drainage holes in base of tray
  • Product can be displayed at an angle
  • Available in black and clear
PET Ulbrazorb chicken breast [photos]
PET Ulbrazorb absorber [photos]
PET Ulbrazorb redmeat [photos]

PETZorb Trays

Item CodeSize MM LxWxDQty per box
TR-71-PETZORB L 216mm X W 165mm X D 22mm 600 per box
TR-77L-PETZORB L 301mm X W 154mm X D 30mm 400 per box
TR-M-1624-37-PETZORB L 241mm X W 170mm X D 37mm 350 per box
TR-M-1624-37-PETZORB L 241mm X W 170mm X D 50mm 350 per box
TR-14-PETZORB L 175mm X W 148mm X D 30mm 750 per box
TR-69-PETZORB L 265mm X W 185mm X D 20mm 400 per box
TR73-PETZORB L 223mm X W 135mm X D 20mm 500 per box
TR-79-PETZORB L 220mm X W 220mm X D 22mm 400 per box

Food containers with full international food-grade

  • BRC Global Standard for Packaging & Packaging Materials
  • EU directive 10/2011 or FDA standards; certified for directfood applications
  • Migration limits EU directive 10/2011
  • Regulation (EC) no 2023/2008 good manufacturing practices; food materials
  • Endorsed by the Southern African Vinyls Association